what to listen to when: it’s done. finally over. move on. two steps forward, no looking back. a deep breath in and you press your feet to the ground. run. fast. eyes ahead and you’re honest. find a god in yourself. go hard. 

honey - best coast 

i couldn’t tell you / just how much i loved you 

halcyon - ellie goulding 

i take your hand for you / to let it go, let it go

breezeblocks - alt j

the fear has gripped me / but here i go

ooh la - the kooks 

take care of yourself / don’t begin to lag

down the line - jose gonzalez 

don’t let the darkness / eat you up

happy up here - royksopp 

world, what ya got for me? / just bring it on

i am not a robot - marina and the diamonds 

don’t be so pathetic / just open up and sing

the first time i ran away - m. ward 

let me show you / where to run

days - the drums 

and our days go bye / and i never needed you

runaways - the killers 

i turn the engine over / and my body just comes alive

zipzipzip / spotify

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